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We believe that each person owns the human right

to professional and affordable healthcare.

People's Healthcare Providers

In recent history, South Africa has undergone significant social and economic transformations that have positively impacted on the medical care offering within the secondary and tertiary healthcare systems. During the past 20 years of democracy, both primary and occupational healthcare needs have increased, causing secondary healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, to be overburdened with primary healthcare patients. The need has therefore arisen for sustainable accessible and comprehensive primary healthcare facilities and care. PHP focuses on delivering these needs. Working in close collaboration with an extensive team of multi-disciplinary professionals, we offer a holistic range of services, targeted at ensuring professional care and education to patients seeking primary healthcare services. And in so doing, we are able to alleviate the pressure on government and privately funded secondary healthcare facilities.

Meet the Team

Michael Boettcher

Michael Boettcher


A businessman and entrepreneur with vested interests across the globe, Michael Boettcher has an exceptional track record for starting new companies and turning troubled businesses into success stories. A master at applying strong management principles, he identified the opportunity to effectively structure and organise the South African medical care industry, as well as build teams of committed personnel with endless opportunities to grow in their respective positions.

Dries Petzer

Dries Petzer

Managing Director

Having commenced his career in the hospitality industry, Dries ventured into Security and Surveillance Services, providing protection to large, international role players within the hospitality industry in Russia. There, he acquired the position of Executive Director of Surveillance at Storm International BV, where he managed a group portfolio of several casinos across various countries. Returning to South Africa in 2010, Dries opened a dynamic company that focused on specialised security and monitoring services. He later expanded his business horizons and entered the healthcare arena. Joined by a team of healthcare professionals and esteemed business partners, he is proud to be part of People’s Healthcare Providers

Andiswa Petunia Lefakane

Andiswa Petunia Lefakane

Executive Director

Andiswa joins our team representing her Company consisting of 7 Black Business Women shareholders. She is qualified in the field of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), Change Management and Organisational Culture and joins us from Transnet Capital Projects (TCP) in Johannesburg, Gauteng. She is also Chairman of the Egoli Branch of the Employee Assistance Program Association of South Africa (EAPA-SA) and a former Executive Committee Member of the TCP Board. Andiswa is a qualified Social Worker. During her tenure in this role, Andiswa worked for the former Kwa-Ndebele government and the National Institute for Crime & Rehabilitation of Offenders (NICRO). She is a qualified coach and is currently enrolled part-time of a Master’s degree in EAP with the University of Pretoria.


We believe that each person owns the human right to professional and affordable healthcare. Our vision is to offer such healthcare to all members of society regardless of their social standing, race, gender or beliefs. We believe that each person owns the right of access to healthcare that will improve not only his/her physical health but also his/her psychological health. Through our holistic offering, we aim to ensure sustainable health education, care and management to all patients – healthy or sick. We believe in our product, our business model and our team. Our vision will remain to be the offering of secure health services to both the private and government sector. We will achieve this through focus, integrity and continuous improvement of our services.


We will strive to deliver affordable, quality medical healthcare on a day-to-day basis to all South Africans. We promise to offer our clients the best possible service, at all times without compromising price or quality. We believe in empowerment and are committed to empowering our staff through extensive rewards and recognition programmes.

Our Values


Honest healthcare at your fingertips. Product and service delivery promises are kept at all times.


Qualified medical personnel conducting their duties in a professional and skillful manner. All patients have the right to a trusted relationship with their healthcare workers. Professional care with a difference is our objective, every day, all day.



Healthcare initiatives that are not only sustainable, but that will empower each patient to take charge of his/her health status. Sound business management. Corporate governance exercised.


We believe all patients have the same right of access to affordable, quality healthcare.

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