We believe that each person owns the human right to professional and affordable healthcare.



R116/per month per dependant*


R72/per month per Chronic Patient*
  • Diabetes – oral treatment only
  • Hypertension
  • Asthma – oral treatment only
  • Cholesterol
  • Epilepsy
  • HIV
  • * The PHP treatment formulary will cover these chronic diseases base on the Essential Drug List as prescribed by Government for Primary Health Clinics
  • Above prices include 14% VAT
  • Above prices include unlimited medical consultations & medication


  • When you become a PHP patient, you are then part of an elite group of patients who belong to a private facility that is not open to the general public.
  • Your monthly fee for service allows you access to the clinics at any time. You will not have to pay any additional feels.
  • Medication only will not ensure your health – education and information is key to general health. “My Health” personnel offer complete education and advice on your
    1. Immediate access to medical care – no waiting period!
    2. ANYONE can join – there is no age limit, no credit checks: NO joining criteria except a joining fee – if you can pay your monthly fee, you can join!
    3. You may include individuals that are not your immediate family e.g. your sister’s child or your domestic worker. We offer healthcare for all ages.
    4. Personalized health care – Medical personnel that are motivated and committed to the care of their patients – every day, all day.
    5. Reduced waiting period even though you don’t need an appointment to see the Registered Nurse: Our clinics attend to paying patients only – each clinic will cater and care for a set amount of patients. Once the clinic gets too busy, it will be expanded or an additional clinic will be opened in your area. You will not wait all day, as non-paying patients cannot access care unless it is a serious medical emergency. illness, the treatment we give and we will answer any questions you may have – even after hours – patients also have access to a toll-free number after hours that can assist with information and advice!
  • PHP Clinics NEVER run out of medication – GUARANTEE our patients that you will never be told that the medication on our list is not available.
  • PHP Clinics offer medication to our patients that will treat your illness effectively. You will receive the full course of treatment every time you need such treatment.


Walk in patientR280.00
Basic fee per month (non chronic) Main Patient FeeR342.00
Ad hoc medical (Excludes audio, vision and spiro)R364.00
Full medical (Including audio, vision and spiro)R662.00
Voluntary counselling and Testing HIV test R285.00

*Includes 14% VAT

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